Garden Townhouses

A new residential area situated by the river and the city park in central Köping, Sweden. It consists of six townhouses and six terraced houses organized as a modern sustainable garden city. The private outdoor areas are lifted into the buildings as a series of terraces and winter gardens, creating a dense and vertical residential block, giving more space for the public of Köping to enjoy the park and river.
    The footprint of each house is an 8x8 m square. The terraced houses have a built-in garage on ground level which can easily be converted into an additional living room or workshop if the family don’t own a car. The entire ground floor of the townhouses can be rented out as a separate apartment. The main frame of the buildings is made from engineered timber with a facade of precast concrete elements in galvanized steel frames.

Invited competition 1st prize
Köping, Sweden
Köping municipality
1 950 sqm
Johan Dehlin
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