Johannes Brattgård Arkitekter is an architecture practice based in Stockholm. The studio works with a diversity of projects ranging from private houses and interiors to public buildings and research projects. Johannes received his master in architecture at London Metropolitan University and has previously worked at Tham & Videgård in Stockholm. He is a board member of the Stockholm Association of Architects.

Johannes Brattgård Arkitekter AB
Folkskolegatan 7, 117 35 Stockholm
+46 (0) 73 727 81 43

Tobin Properties AB
Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design
TAM Group AB
Vivere Fastigheter AB
Hyper Island Capital AB
Swedfund International AB
Local Rule AB
Svenska Kyrkan
Danish Association of Architects
Paui Fastighets AB
Mölndala Fastighets AB
Köping municipality
ARQ Research Foundation
Arkus Research Foundation

+ Private clients

Johan Dehlin
Florian Kosche
Joakim Nyström
Axel Freij
Jacob Sjöblom
Marcus Abrahamsson
Lukas Nordström
Johanna Dehlin
Michael Paczkowski
Sebastian Mardi

Kallbadhuset Stockholm
2nd prize - Invited competition 2020

Arkus Research Foundation
Research grant 2020

Årets Guldrummet
Nominated 2019

ARQ Research Foundation
Research grant 2019

Boxen Studio Gallery
1st prize - Invited competition 2018

Köping Townhouses
1st prize - Invited competition 2018

The Kings Garden Pavilion
Honourable mention
Open international competition 2017

Ylivieska Church 2017
Honourable mention
Open international competition